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About us:

Our law firm was incorporated in spring of 2012 as a joint enterprise of two former colleagues - advocates, with the aim to provide better legal services and counseling in Privacy, Media, Data Protection and Intelectual Property Rights related niche of the legal services market, primarily for small and medium sized clients.

Outside our initial specialisation our practice broadened and encompasses to a greater extent commercial and business law, immovable property related issues and civil and administrative procedure.

Our objective is proposition and execution of straightforward and effective legal solutions, in areas of Intelectual Property Rights (IPR) (with specialisation in Copyright/Author Rights and IT), Privacy Law, Media Law, Consumer Competition Solutions, Commercial Law, Corporate Agenda, Immovable Property Rights, as well as general recievables management, counselling in the field of Enforcement of Civil Law judicial decisions and Family Law.

We offer our client assistance and complex legal counseling, due dilligence and risk analysis services, solutions proposition and preparation of legal documentation. We provide assistance and counseling in contract negotiations with business partners as well as with adversaries, preparation of documetation in purchase or sale of business entities (their parts, business shares, or stocks) situations. Communication with relevant administrative bodies and representation of the client in court or where requested by the client is part of our services. In case a need of Criminal Law representation arises we have a credible partner in a renowned criminal defense lawyer working with us on a case by case basis.

As of 2014, our law firm became involved with UbiQuity Lawyers, network of independent business lawyers, connecting Europe, China & Southeast Asia, assisting innovative SME's with focus on Intellectual Property. We are a partner in UbiQuity Lawyers Bratislava, a Slovak platform of the network.

We provide our clients with legal counseling and services in non - litigation as well as litigation agenda. Our team consists of reliable and dedicated lawyers with effective solution - finding oriented mindset.